Korean medicine now goes
beyond Korea to heal the world

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글로벌 이미지

International Organization Cooperation

A total of 3 institutions
have been designated as WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine in korea
(NIKOM, KIOM, Kyung Hee University East-West Medical Research Institute.)

Since 2003, Dispatching a Traditional Korean Medicine specialist to the WHO Headquarters and Western Pacific Regional Office

International Cooperation

Establishment of Friendship Korean Medicine Hospital (Uzbekistan, Mongolia) and Dispatch of Oriental Medicine Doctors Overseas (Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kazakhstan etc.)

Overseas medical volunteering every year since
total of 29 countries as of 2022

Korea and China agreed to promote cooperation in the field of traditional medicine at the Korea-China Summit (1995 ~ Current)

Establishment of an Korean Medicine network through overseas Policy Training, Clinical Training, University Education, etc. (About 20-30 countries every year)

한방병원 이미지

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