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Bori Eunbaek Oriental Medical Clinic
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Overview and history of the Bori Eunbaek Oriental Medical Clinic1. Graduated from Kyung Hee University College of Oriental Medicine (Seoul)2. Designated as Korea’s first “health tourism” clinic (Korean medicine) (2001)3. Designated as Korea’s first “leading institution for medical tourism” (2009)4. Served as the inaugural President of the Medical Tourism Council for Busan Seomyeon Medical Street (SMS) (2009~2011)5. Founded Korea’s first Korean Wave Philharmonic Orchestra (served as the inaugural Director)6. Located across and to the left of Lotte Department Store Busan (Seo-myeon) and Lotte Hotel Busan(one-stop venue for medical treatment, tourism, shopping, food, entertainment, and accommodation)7. Extensive experience in treating medical tourism patients traveling to Busan from a variety of countries (USA, Japan, Russia, China, Vietnam, Middle East, Australia, France, Southeast Asia)8. Multiple appearances on TV-KBS, MBC, Channel A, KNN, Mainichi (Japan), etc.9. Personal physician of professional baseball player Lee Dae-ho (Lotte Giants) (Golf & Sports Clinic)10. Inaugural President of the Korean Fermentation Detox Institute (Detox/detoxification and blood cleansing, physical constitution improvement programs, weight-loss programs)11. Jet acupuncture: Finding the exact cause of various pains and symptoms, and injecting distilled Korean medicine deep into the skin at high pressure and high speed with a cylinder instead of a needle.Innovative new technology that is effective in helping patients recover from COVID-19 and providing quick and painless efficacies (relief of various pains in the cervical disc, lumbar disc, shoulder, knee, etc.)

◎ Uniquely equipped to attract international patients1. Geographical location and great accessThe hospital is located near the Gimhae International Airport, Busan Port International Passenger Terminal (Cruise Terminal), and Seomyeon Medical Street (SMS), which is home to a large number of Western and Korean medical clinics available for medical tourism. It offers good access to various accommodation options, food, and tourist attractions such as the Lotte Department Store, Lotte Hotel, and Toyoko Inn Hotel. Seomyeon Medical Street has a cluster of medical institutions for international patients looking for plastic surgery, skincare, beauty, and other procedures, and it also has the ideal infrastructure for shopping, accommodation, food, tourism, and entertainment.2 Exclusive technology- Our hospital prides itself on being the best in the world in terms of Korean medicine technology. We offer technology that has been highly praised by “medical tourists” over the past two decades or so.- Moreover, we use what is known as “jet acupuncture” which provides rapid and painless treatment and delivers excellent efficacies on various musculoskeletal pain, headache, fatigue as well as aches in the neck, back disc, knee, elbow, etc. It is a new type of technology that helps international patients remain comfortable and pain-free as they receive the treatment they need.- Our hospital uses detoxifying and thermo-immune agents that cleanse the blood, reduce body fat, strengthen muscles, increase body temperature, and improve the immune function by removing toxins in the intestine, liver, and kidneys. By doing so, the medicine we use decomposes and discharges wastes and toxins in the blood and body to cleanse the blood and improve its circulation. They also deliver outstanding benefits in terms of relieving various inflammations, pains, ailments, and diseases, which is why our treatment and medicine have been hailed by international patients.3 Reasonable costOur hospital provides satisfying services across the entire treatment experience with discounts available for both treatment and drug costs for international patients.

Our hospital at the moment has one doctor and two nurses. Our hospital is only a minute from Samseong Jungang Station on subway line no. 9, 5 minutes from COEX, and 10 minutes from the City Airport Terminal on foot. In terms of equipment, our hospital features a heart rate variability monitor, a pulse diagnostic device, a meridian tester, and a nasal endoscope.Director Gwak No-gyu graduated from Daejeon University in 1993, and received a master's and a doctorate in pathology from Kyung Hee University. Dr. Gwak served as an adjunct professor (2009~2019) and affiliated professor at the Semyung University College of Oriental Medicine After studying Sasang constitutional medicine from Park In-sang and Heo Man-hoe, Dr. Gwak has been practicing Sasang constitutional medicine for the past 28 years.

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TEL 051-806-3588

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Internal Medicine of Korean Medicine, Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine, Sasang Constitutional Medicine (Constitutional Diagnostic), Obesity

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