• Name of the CEO

    Son, Jae Choul
  • Area

    Manufacture and sales of standard herbal medicines
  • Key product

  • A number of products registered

  • Address

    481 Gosan-ro,


Nong Lim Saeng Yak was established in 1997 and it is doing its best to produce oriental medicine ingredients safe from harmful substances through strict independent tests on the safety and effectiveness of oriental medicine ingredients. In addition, we are doing our best supply outstanding eco-friendly oriental medicines through contracted cultivation with mountain farms. Nong Lim Saeng Yak is a good manufacturing practice (GMP) qualified company for oriental medicine ingredients, and it is a mid-sized company in the industry that produces over 350 items including Astragali Radix. Based on our valuable experience gained through 25 years of manufacturing and distribution, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by concentrating all of our capabilities on producing high quality oriental medicinal materials.

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